“Joshua looked forward to Book Club every week.   He was more inclined to read Charlotte’s Web because he knew he would be expected to have some input about the chapters at the next club Zoom meeting.  And he loved having the opportunity to give some input!  He is very shy and with most meetings, whether they be Zoom or in person, he will sit back and just observe.  But our patient leaders gave everyone space and encouragement to express their responses to the assigned reading.  The activities were fun, and the group of readers were always cracking each other up.  Before Charlotte’s Web was assigned, the group would pick out books and read to each other over Zoom.  It was a great opportunity for them to get to know each other a little more and share their opinions and comments about what each read.  It also made Joshua very proud to know he had everyone’s attention and they really were looking forward to whatever poem or superhero story he wanted to share that day.  It was valuable time during quarantine to have someone outside of our tiny family genuinely interested in what he was interested in.  And these friends were his people.  They all were patient and understanding because they knew how hard it is sometimes to be heard or understood.  I highly recommend encouraging your family members with Down syndrome to join the Book Club, no matter their age or reading ability.  DSACK does a great job of providing books for every reading level.”
Tammy Carter 


Using a book club format, middle students choose a book to read and gather once weekly to discuss the book and complete related activities. Books are adapted to each student’s reading level and activities focus on reading comprehension and social skills. 

Like the Summer Enrichment Program, the Summer Book Club also aims to combat regression during the summer months when school is not in session. Using a holistic approach, we make this book club a fun experience that promotes a lifelong love for reading and learning.

Book Club

For students ages 12 and up

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