“Courtney is a phenomenal guest speaker!  She is informative and engaging when providing the facts, but personal and emotional when talking about her experience in having a child with Down Syndrome.  Courtney is a wealth of information and is incredibly accessible and personal.  She is one of the most caring and optimistic people that I have met and her light shines when she speaks.  She is a great example to parents of children with special needs, as well as to professionals that work with children with special needs.  I feel blessed that she was able to share her knowledge with my class!”


If you have a child with Down syndrome younger than 3 years old, come and enjoy a special evening getting to know other parents and DSACK staff. This biannual New Parent Dinner allows our newest DSACK parents to join DSACK for a quaint evening of dinner and good company as we celebrate. We’ll send you back to your families refreshed and encouraged by getting to know new friends who may be on a similar journey as you. Please note: Parents are responsible for securing their own child care. While we’d love to accommodate everyone, there is usually a 20-person limit on this event. Past dinners have been hosted at The Tulip Bar and Bistro, The Sage Rabbit, Eppings on the Eastside, and a DSACK St. Patrick’s Party in our office!

New Parents

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