I love bike riding and want Harrison to love it as well. Bike camp is an essential stepping stone to help him find and love the freeing feeling of riding a bike. It was awesome seeing him make strides in the direction of doing so. It was also great fun every week watching him learn this valuable life lesson in a fun format along with his peers. I wish bike camp was every week all year.

Ray Mizell
DSACK Parent


Learning to ride a bike can be an overwhelming task for a child with Down syndrome. DSACK's Strider Bike Camp aims to make it easy and fun. Using the Strider no-pedal balance bike, and Strider's turnkey curriculum, students learn to ride on two wheels safely. In four one-hour sessions, we break down the task into a natural progression: almost as natural as walking. In the end, students are able to improve their balance, coordination, and confidence. Plus, learning on a Strider bike provides a perfect transition to a pedal bike. The camp is taught by the DSACK education coordinator in the parking lot of the DSACK office building. 

Strider Bike Camp

For students ages 5 and up

Stay tuned for summer 2023