“Courtney is a phenomenal guest speaker!  She is informative and engaging when providing the facts, but personal and emotional when talking about her experience in having a child with Down Syndrome.  Courtney is a wealth of information and is incredibly accessible and personal.  She is one of the most caring and optimistic people that I have met and her light shines when she speaks.  She is a great example to parents of children with special needs, as well as to professionals that work with children with special needs.  I feel blessed that she was able to share her knowledge with my class!”


Learning to ride a bike can be an overwhelming task for all children. That’s why DSACK offers two Strider Bike Camps each summer – one for all abilities and one for individuals with Down syndrome.

Both camps use the Strider No-Pedal Balance Bike and Strider’s turnkey curriculum to teach students how to ride on two wheels. In four one-hour sessions, we break down the task into a safe and natural progression – almost as natural as walking. In the end, students are able to improve their balance, coordination, and confidence. Plus, learning on a Strider Bike provides a perfect transition to a pedal bike.

The All Abilities Bike Camp is an inclusive outreach program for children of all abilities, ages 5 to 7. The DSACK Bike Camp is for individuals with Down syndrome, ages 5 and up. Our DSACK families can choose to attend either camp, based on preference and age. 

The camps are taught by our DSACK education coordinator and are held at Immanuel Baptist Church on Tates Creek Road in Lexington.

Strider Bike Camps

All Abilities Bike Camp for ages 5 to 7
DSACK Bike Camp for individuals with Down syndrome ages 5 and up

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