“Courtney is a phenomenal guest speaker!  She is informative and engaging when providing the facts, but personal and emotional when talking about her experience in having a child with Down Syndrome.  Courtney is a wealth of information and is incredibly accessible and personal.  She is one of the most caring and optimistic people that I have met and her light shines when she speaks.  She is a great example to parents of children with special needs, as well as to professionals that work with children with special needs.  I feel blessed that she was able to share her knowledge with my class!”


Students with Down syndrome regress at alarming rates during the summer when school is not in session. That often means the first few months of each school year are spent relearning previously introduced concepts. 

As a result, DSACK created the Summer Enrichment Program. Students work with a special education teacher, reading interventionist, art teacher and music therapist throughout the six-week program.

Summer Enrichment Program instructors teach using a holistic approach, incorporating cooking classes, physical activity, music and art. Students also maintain a routine similar to their classroom schedules during the school year, ensuring they transition more easily into their school routine when summer break is over.

Summer Adventure Camp

Elementary Summer Adventure Camp for children ages 8 to 10
Middle School Adventure Camp for children ages 11 to 14

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