They believe that people with Down syndrome are valuable members of our community who deserve to live, work, play and learn just like everyone else.
They prove the above belief by giving at least $5 to DSACK every month.
This investment ensures that DSACCK’s programs continue to be offered free of charge, because we believe no family should ever be prohibited from participating in our life-changing programs due to financial circumstances.

Our great story continues to unfold. Become part of the next chapter by making a recurring monthly donation.


The world is changing in huge ways for people with Down syndrome. Research has shown with the proper supports, education and training individuals with Down syndrome can accomplish so much more than was believed possible even 10 years ago. DSACK’s is charged with the immense responsibility of ensuring parents, teachers, medical professionals and our community understand the amazing potential of our students, best practices for educating people with Down syndrome, and ensuring we all have high expectations so they too become tax-payers and contributing members of society. 

Your donation to DSACK allows us to implement life-changing programs for both the individual with Down syndrome and their families. You will be providing funding for early reading and math curriculum, job skills training, family support, outreach to educators and medical professionals, and so much more. Take a glance at our home page calendar to see all the many opportunities we offer free of charge to families throughout Central and Eastern Kentucky. Every opportunity listed there is directly related to a generous donor who believes in the value and potential of those with Down syndrome. Every gift counts!


The monthly giving program benefits for those we serve and our supporters.

For DSACK, monthly donations provide:
-- A stable and predictable source of income. 
-- Monthly donations require much less administrative costs compared to other fundraising venues.
-- Allow us to continually increase our reach and our programming.

For Club 21 members, monthly donations provide:
-- Ability to plan your giving to work best with your current income.
-- Monthly gifts have a greater impact dollar-for-dollar.
-- Club 21 swag based on your monthly giving amount.
-- Allows you to belong to a select group of caring individuals who want a brighter future for those born with Down syndrome and for their families.

Important! Recurring donations can help you build your Family Fun Day & Walk team totals. Simply type in the individual’s name your gift honors where prompted.

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