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DSACK is always striving to build relationships within the educational community. DSACK has several accomplished, dynamic speakers who are available to speak on a variety of topics including: educational outreach, inclusion, peer presentations, communication tips, and other topics related to Down syndrome. Self-advocates with Down syndrome can also be requested to speak at your event. For more information, please contact DSACK at dsack.org@gmail.com.

Educational Outreach


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Our medical outreach coordinator welcomes the opportunity to discuss how DSACK can best serve our local medical professionals and our DSACK families whose lives uniquely intersect because of an extra 21st chromosome. Please contact Courtney.dsack@gmail.com or call 859-494-7809.

Medical Outreach



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Elementary Summer Adventure Camp for children ages 8 to 10
Middle School Adventure Camp for children ages 11 to 14

Students with Down syndrome regress at alarming rates during the summer when school is not in session. That often means the first few months of each school year are spent relearning previously introduced concepts. 

Summer Adventure Camp


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For children ages 5-9; for parents of children ages 2-11. 

The Learning Program is an educational program aimed at helping children with Down syndrome succeed. Based on a program originally developed by our affiliate partner, the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, this nationally recognized model for parent-focused educational intervention is grounded in evidence-based approaches to teaching children with Down syndrome. 

Learning Program


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All Abilities Bike Camp for ages 5 to 7
DSACK Bike Camp for individuals with Down syndrome ages 5 and up

Learning to ride a bike can be an overwhelming task for all children. That’s why DSACK offers two Strider Bike Camps each summer – one for all abilities and one for individuals with Down syndrome.

Strider Bike Camps


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For students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades

Using a book club format, middle students choose a book to read and gather once weekly to discuss the book and complete related activities. Books are adapted to each student’s reading level and activities focus on reading comprehension and social skills. 

Middle School Book Club


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For ages 15 and up

Unemployment and underemployment for students with intellectual disabilities are still the status quo in Kentucky. Too often, families are not sure of the process to gain supports and resources available to help their students achieve meaningful employment. And our students are often steered toward meaningless jobs and even jobs that pay sub-minimum wage.

We Work!


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For ages 13 and up

Let’s get cooking! DSACK’s Cooking Class uses cooking, games, and take-home recipes to teach students ages 13 and up about food safety, label reading, healthy eating, powering up with breakfast, meal planning, and budgeting.

Cooking Class


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For children of all ages

Healthy Movement Dance Class – an ongoing program offered by DSACK – provides children of all ages with the opportunity to get moving!

Healthy Movement Dance Class


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For ages 18? And up

DSACK works with Bluegrass Community and Technical College in Lexington to create adapted, noncredit courses on a variety of relevant topics. Students attend one class for eight weeks on one of BCTC’s Lexington campuses. They follow a syllabus determined by a full-time professor and are assessed throughout the course to monitor their comprehension and knowledge of the topic. 

College Bound


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If you have a child with Down syndrome younger than 3 years old, come and enjoy a special evening getting to know other parents and DSACK staff. This biannual New Parent Dinner allows our newest DSACK parents to join DSACK for a quaint evening of dinner and good company as we celebrate.

New Parents


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For parents/caregivers; child care provided

DSACK’s Coffee Chats are our spin on the commitment to build relationships among those who celebrate the joys that Down syndrome can bring. Along with good coffee, good food and good fellowship, these periodic Coffee Chats also provide an opportunity to hear experts talk about the topics most important to you.

Coffee Chats