Anyone can confidentially refer a new or expectant parent to DSACK.  A member of our staff will quickly follow up to offer support and connect them to resources and our community.  Simply fill out the referral form below, email, or call 859-494-7809.

Refer someone else?

We hope DSACK will always be your “first call” for Down syndrome-related questions or issues, and we will always strive to help wherever and whenever we can. There are no fees to join DSACK or participate in our programs and services. 

DSACK can help connect new and expectant parents of children with Down syndrome with the most up-to-date information, resources, and a welcoming community to support you along the way.

Congratulations on the birth or upcoming birth of your baby with Down syndrome. While the news of your child having Down syndrome may have come unexpectedly, your life will be full of many wonderful surprises and experiences.  DSACK is here to meet you wherever you are on your journey – to celebrate with you and support you along the way.


According to DSACK’s 2017 Medical Outreach Survey, the most helpful support along the journey as a new parent is personal contact with DSACK. We hope you will reach out to DSACK so that we can support, educate, and celebrate with you. Contact us at or 859-494-7809. Or fill out our online New Family Welcome Form here.


The Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky exists to celebrate our Down syndrome community, support individuals with Down syndrome and their families in our region, and educate ourselves and others about the true joys and challenges of Down syndrome.

Our Mission

We envision communities where people with Down syndrome are valued and included throughout their lives.

Our Vision

We support and educate families and professionals in Central and Eastern Kentucky. We do this through: providing customized presentations for parents, teachers, therapists, and medical professionals; publishing a quarterly magazine that celebrates accomplishments of individuals with Down syndrome and provides pertinent information for families and caregivers; providing peer presentations to schools, post-graduate and undergraduate classes, and the community about acceptance of those with Down syndrome and other disabilities; and hosting several celebrations throughout the year to bring together families and friends for support and advocacy. 

Our Impact

The Down Syndrome Association of Central Kentucky has been helping and supporting families since 1993, when a small group of parents envisioned better opportunities for their children with Down syndrome. Today, that vision and our organization have expanded, enabling us to provide numerous programs and services.

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